Code of Conduct

          Index International Group Co., Ltd. engages in the business of engineering consultant and design&Build of State Utilities and Infrastructure of Thailand, including designing a road network system, Construction supervision and management of the Mass Rapid Transit and International Airport, Project Design of irrigation systems and land formatting Design with construction of fuel depot, etc.

          The success of the work performed contributes to the prosperity of society and to be more convenient for the people. The company is determined to work with determination to develop all types of work professionally, under the quality policy "Determined to develop, Progressive engineering Impressed customers, Moving forward to international standards "

           In the management of sustainable success, the company is well aware of the guidelines for corporate governance, therefore the company has created a "Code of Conduct" as Written To be a guideline and a way of working for personnel in organizations at all levels. This will bring benefits to customers With consideration to social and environmental responsibility forever

The company has established a privacy policy that requires the consent of the users on the Company’s website. The collected information will be used to develop and improve the website. Additional or