38th Years Experiences


Index Company has expertise and services in all engineering fields. Comprehensive operations All parts, complete, such as feasibility study Master plan preparation and feasibility study of topographic survey project Analytical study on finance, economy and investment, planning to prevent environmental impact, calculation and detailed design in both engineering and architecture, project management and construction supervision to complete. Including inspection, monitoring and evaluation in various fields

From the past to the present, Index Company has been a part of strengthening the economic and social foundations. By developing infrastructure and infrastructure such as transportation, road network, public transport Rail, air, water, and pipeline transportation systems. Development of standardized logistics management systems that facilitate and increase transportation efficiency. Development of major cities, oil depots, alternative energy, as well as other projects In line with national development and progress

From the beginning with strong determination To participate in the development of the nation To prosperity and stability as a leading engineering company For over 36 years, Index Company has created works that are evident throughout.

We are all committed and willing to contribute to bring the company to a bright future with the development of the community, society and the country forward to the international level.

“Together for the Better”

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