Message From CEO

Throughout the more than 36 years of operations,Index International Group Public Company Limited has provided engineering consultation services in various forms, including surveying,,feasibility studies, detailed design work, construction supervision, project management, and construction design for both the state and private sectors. The Company has teams of engineers and architects with experience and expertise in different areas that have worked to successfully gain the trust and confidence of our clients.

In the past and up to the present day, the Company has developed its potential to provide comprehensive engineering services to respond to the needs of national economic development by involving itself with the development of the public utilities system and other infrastructure, such as transportation, road, public transport, railways, airports, ports, and pipelines. The Company has also been involved in the development of management standards for logistical operations, which have facilitated and increased the effectiveness of transportation networks, urban development, oil depots, and renewable energy for the state and private sectors, which will aid in national development.

The Company has managed its business in accordance with the principles of good governance: honesty, morality, transparency, and accountability. Furthermore, the Company attaches great importance to its anticorruption policy and is against all forms of bribery, both inside and outside the organization. The Company has worked to instill the right values to all of our managers and employees, as well as providing clear rules to punish wrongdoers.

With regard to our community relations, the Company has held multiple Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to repay society. In this work, the Company has used the Creating Shared Values (CSV) principles to ensure minimal negative impact from its business activities and build economic value for the business, society, as well as the environment in parallel.

Finally, as Chief Executive Officer, I would like to extend my gratitude to all of our shareholders, our clients among the state agencies and in the private sector, state-owned enterprises, customers, partners, business allies, as well as all the company managers and employees that have supported and cooperated in the company’s business activities for the last 36 years. Your involvement has led to the Company’s success and prosperity, allowing us to become a leading engineering company in multiple fields, including the specialist ones. The Company is determined to develop the Company in a secure and sustainable way and achieve further engineering excellence, alongside the development of communities, society, and the nation, towards the achievement of international standards.