Message From CEO

For more than 39 years, Index International Group Public Company Limited has grown alongside Thai society with a long accumulated experience in being a leading engineering consulting company that is committed to creating quality work to develop public and private utilities and infrastructure. This comprehensive service includes project survey works & feasibility study, detailed design, construction supervision & project management, and also design-build. Our team consists of experts who are very experienced, ready to create works that meet international standards to create maximum satisfaction for customers.

For the Company's operating results in 2021, despite the impact of the Coronavirus 2019 pandemic, in overall the Company has been able to adjust and operate under limited circumstances smoothly, with growth close to the target and within the criteria that the Company has estimated. In 2021, the Company total revenue was of amount 473.74 million baht, total expenditure 459.48 million baht, total assets 671.57 million baht, total liabilities 292.58 million baht, with a net profit of 14.26 million baht. At the end of 2021, the Company has a backlog of approximately 2,025.46 million baht.

As for new projects that the company has signed in 2021, there are 23 projects with a total value of more than 2,307 million baht, with important projects such as

  • Project on the design and construction of aviation fuel service system at U-Tapao Airport at U-Tapao Airport with Global Aero Associates Company Limited
  • Project for the construction of water transmission tunnel along with related work with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority
  • The survey and design of a four-lane highway on Highway 323, Thong Pha Phum District - Sangkhla Buri District, Tha Khanun - Chedi Sam Ong with the Department of Highways
  • Project design and construction supervision of 2 additional clarifier tanks and 8 additional filter wells at Bang Khen Water Plant with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority

In terms of progress of projects under construction under the Company's operation, most of the projects were completed as planned. There will be some projects that might face delays, but the Company can speed up and solve the problem so that the projects could be completed well and can be delivered to customers on time.

The Company is committed to managing projects with professional standards, managing work processes to be effective under the requirements of laws and regulations of regulatory agencies, controlling direct and indirect costs, as well as controlling and managing expenses in operations to be a driving force for the Company's profits to meet the goals set.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, executives, and employees of Index International Group Public Company Limited, I would like to thank our shareholders, customers, government agencies, private sectors, alliances, business partners, and all sponsors of the Company and would like to reaffirm our intention to develop the organization towards excellence in engineering and innovation in project management with quality, transparency, under good corporate governance for the utmost and continuous confidence of shareholders and customers.

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