Message from President


Index International Group Public Company Limited is a leading consultancy company providing total solution services in the field of project survey & feasibility studies, conceptual & detailed design, project management & construction supervision, and also design-build for both government and private agencies by team with expertise in architectural engineering in all fields.

In the past year, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 epidemic has had a widespread impact, causing damage to the socio-economic system and people's livelihoods, which had caused hurdles to the operations of the Company. However, the Company remains committed to operating its business in accordance with the principles of sustainability with good corporate governance, proper risk management, effective internal control and internal audit systems, and conducting operations with respect to society and environment. This effect was with support from shareholders, customers, business partners, alliance, government and private sectors involved, which is an important driving force for the Company to operate in the midst of the epidemic crisis and business competition with strength and stability, stepping into a sustainable business organization in the future.

On behalf of all the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors is proud to work with such a professional organization, acting independently and impartially in governance of the Company for the long-term benefit of the Company's shareholders and stakeholders, and to jointly drive the operation of the Company to be fair, transparent, in accordance with the laws, regulations of the Company, resolutions of the shareholders' meeting, including business ethics.

On this occasion, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Index International Group Public Company Limited, I would like to thank all shareholders, customers, business partners, alliance, and supporters of the Company who have put their trust in the Company's operations and look forward to continuing to receive such good wishes.

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